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Updated: Jan 20


Mental illness is still robbing us of everything from physical health, to quality of life and time with our loved ones. Together, organisations, nurses, doctors, and volunteers continue the fight to end stigma, and they are succeeding.

But we must find new ways to talk about these important issues, because they affect us all regardless of gender, race, or age.


​Dead On Your Feet —​ a fiction podcast about life, death, and mental health

​Imagine a fiction podcast that's part ​Call the Midwife, ​part 1960s road trip. That's ​Dead On Your Feet​, a new 10-part story written to explore common mental illnesses, through the adventures of two quite special nurses.

​Podcast summary 🎙

​Making their way to the afterlife in a tan-coloured VW Beetle via the Eddystone lighthouse in 1961, two nurses, Tamsin and Katherine, meet a series of people living with mental illness. Along the way the pair examine their lives, come to terms with death, and do what they can to help those in desperate need, before they're gone for good themselves.​

​​Dead On Your Feet ​is an uplifting exploration of loss, life, death, and mental health, with a few surprises thrown in along the way.

​Why we need YOUR help ☝

​Making fiction podcasts with real-life voice actors is hard and time-consuming. We're looking for production support to really make this thing as great as we know it can be.

But for that, ​we need your signature. ​We need to prove to those with the resources that there's an audience for this story ​—​ ​that you want it to happen​! Without your support, we're going nowhere, and that's not how this community works.

​About the author ✍

​My name is Graeme Keeton, and I'm a writer based in London. Like most writers, I put a lot of time into my projects, often months before sharing them with anybody. Before moving to London, I worked at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, writing for a cohort of ​over 3,000 nurses.

These nurses changed my perspective on life like no other people I've met before or since. This podcast is my way of giving back to them, ​but I need your support​.

​What makes this podcast different? 🤷‍♀️

​It's important that we get this right, that we talk about these mental illnesses in a way that's accurate and constructive. It's why we've consulted with some of the best creative and clinical minds around, including the wonderful people at London Arts in Health Forum, and Mental Health Specialist Nurse (and Skellern 2020 coordinator) Dr Joy Bray.

​Want to read some scripts? 📜

​Want to know what you're supporting? Download episodes 1-3 below.

Episode 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3

​THANK YOU ​so much for your support. Your signature means a lot. You can contact me on Twitter @GKCopywriter, if you have any questions.



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