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What is Ten Minute Screenplays?

Ten Minute Screenplays is an online resource hosting free, original screenplays by amateur and professional screenwriters. Each screenplay has a maximum runtime of ten minutes (no biggie if you're a little over), and may be used by anyone as a jumping-off point for their own project. We're building a global creative community, where writers can have their ideas seen and adapted by others in the real world.

Who's behind Ten Minute Screenplays?

Ten Minute Screenplays was founded by London-based copywriter and screenwriter, Graeme Keeton. If you would like to hire him, please visit his website.

How do I submit a screenplay?

You can submit your screenplay via the Submit a Screenplay page. Please allow up to a week for your work to appear on the site, and remember to include: 1. Your full name 2. Your Twitter handle (or other link to a social handle. This is optional) 3. A logline* for your screenplay *A logline a is 1-2 sentence summary of your screenplay. Take a look at the homepage for an idea of how to write a logline.

How do I download a screenplay?

Each screenplay has its own page, which is effectively a blog post. You can download the screenplay from there in PDF, WriterDuet, or Celtx format. If you require another format, please get in touch.

What are the rules for using or adapting a Ten Minute Screenplay?

We'll keep this nice and simple. You may use any Ten Minute Screenplay however you like, as long as you credit the original author in some way. That can be in the credits, on your adapted version of the screenplay, in a social media shoutout. Just be a good person and acknowledge whoever wrote the original.

Do I still own the idea once it's been submitted?

This is a community project, which means that once you submit a screenplay, it becomes the property of everyone. If you're cool with that, then you're welcome here. All writers are encouraged to put their names on their ideas, to ensure proper accreditation. Likewise, those using Ten Minute Screenplays are encouraged to credit the original writer, even if the idea ends up being significantly altered.

Someone took my idea and didn't credit me. What should I do?

Our aim is to build a creative community, with emphasis on the community part. If someone takes your work and passes it off as their own without crediting you, that's unfortunate, and we will endeavour to keep that person/persons from stealing from any of us again.

What software should I use to write my screenplay?

While we don't advocate any particular screenwriting software, there are a number of paid and free options available, including: FinalDraft, Celtx, and WriterDuet.

How can I support Ten Minute Screenplays?

Glad you asked. Ten Minute Screenplays is a labor of love, with all costs associated with running a website coming out of the founder, Graeme Keeton's, pocket. If you would like to contribute to the upkeep and development of Ten Minute Screenplays, you can donate via PayPal.

Is there anything you don't accept?

We expect writers to be sensible and respectful of everyone. Please be aware that young people may be browsing the site, so while screenplays with naughty words are fine, we will categorically not accept anything pertaining to: hate speech; excessive and unnecessary violence; animal cruelty; sexual aggression; deliberately racist, sexist, or otherwise inflammatory behavior. In other words: don't be a butthole.

Do you accept TV show screenplays as well as movies?

Yes. We accept scripts for movies, TV shows and stage plays. If you wish, you can make it clear which yours is, or you can leave it open.

Do I have to start at the beginning of the story?

No. As long as your idea makes sense on its own, you may submit something from in the middle of the action.

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